I'd like to share my skin care philosophy with you.

My name is Valeriya, and I believe in providing a personalized, science-driven skin care experience based on your needs and preferences.
That’s why I created a complete line of skin care treatments and solutions that can be mixed and matched to provide your own personalized, ultimate session.


As a physician from Ukraine, I have always been fascinated with the field of skin care. And since I believe that continuous education is very important for an esthetician, I’m constantly looking for innovations in skin care, and I’m eager to learn new techniques that I can implement in my treatments. Following new studies and research in such a fast-moving industry is essential. I am proud to make use of both my medical knowledge and the most advanced European facial techniques in every treatment.


I always strive to get to the core of each of my clients’ skin concerns and to find the best solutions and treatment plan. I believe that by working together and understanding our mutual goals, we can achieve greater results faster.
I educate my clients on the products they should be using and also on the reasons for using them. I go over with them the specific ingredients they should be looking for. In this way, my clients become increasingly confident with their skin care plan and much more enthusiastic about following their regimen, which in turn brings better and faster results.


As my client, I encourage you to ask questions and to share your own insights about your skin, because no one knows it better than you. You are unique and so are your specific skin needs. Working together, we will customize your facial regimen on the basis of how your skin feels and what it actually requires. Let's chat about how I can help you find the way to achieve the skin of your dreams!