We offer custom treatment programs designed to revise the way your skin functions beneath the surface and improve the way it looks, delivering long term results--
glowing skin that is clear, smooth, and balanced.


The Skinnovation Experience

Skinnovation’s founder, Valeriya Semenyuk, is a doctor and licensed esthetician who moved to the US after earning a medical degree in Internal Medicine in her home country, Ukraine.

When Valeriya came to San Francisco, she saw that most people were choosing either spas or medical clinics for their skincare. Spas offer a luxurious and relaxing environment, but the treatments generally provide only temporary results.

Conversely, medical clinics are able to deliver longer-lasting outcomes through the use of stronger prescriptions or more invasive treatments, but they aren't right for everyone and don’t provide a soothing spa experience.

Our Team

We are a team of like-minded, passionate and experienced estheticians that are obsessed with the pursuit of the best results, no matter what the skin condition is.

Our expertise and unique treatments

At Skinnovation, we bring the best of both worlds by offering treatments that feel good and produce visible results after every appointment. Just like proper nutrition and exercise, we believe that prevention is the best “cure”. Skinnovation treatments and home maintenance programs are aimed at improving skin health and resilience long-term, dramatically reducing the effects of sun damage, scarring, wrinkling, acne and other issues. Our products utilize high-quality concentrated formulations that we know will consistently deliver results.

Our San Francisco studio offers modern, scientifically-backed skin and lash care that savvy clients expect such as:

Treatment in action at our cozy studio

Treatment in action at our cozy studio

At Skinnovation, we understand the cascade of events that can lead to various skin conditions and affect the way a person’s skin looks. As a result, we’re able to help our clients significantly improve some of their most challenging skin concerns including acne, dullness, sun damage, congestion, inflammation, oiliness, and rosacea, along with the general effects of premature aging.
— Valeriya Semenyuk, Skinnovation Studio Owner and Founder

Skinnovation Clients

Skinnovation clients are typically savvy women looking to make a smart investment in the health and appearance of their skin.  Often times, she comes to us after having already tried a slew of products and treatments that failed to provide long term results.  This is because conventional facial products work on the surface of the skin, visually hydrating and plumping the skin without addressing the underlying issues. These products range from retinol and AHAs to more advanced techniques such as medical grade injectables.


The Skinnovation Difference

Rather than focusing only on the surface layers, Skinnovation estheticians work with the deeper epidermal layers to stimulate proper cell functioning. We are thus able to strengthen the skin’s foundational structure, increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture, and restore optimal functioning so that the skin is able to heal itself.

Our goals include improving the circulation, tone, structure, texture, and overall health and vitality of the skin. To do this, we design custom programs to strengthen skin, promote collagen production and blood circulation, and increase lymphatic drainage. This gives skin the necessary coping mechanisms to resist external and internal damage. Many clients find that once they really start taking care of their skin, they don’t actually require more invasive techniques. Some clients even choose to stop wearing makeup because their skin is able to regain its youthful and natural glow.

Skinnovation estheticians work with the deeper epidermal layers

Skinnovation estheticians work with the deeper epidermal layers

The face is the first thing people see - we want our clients to feel confident and proud of the way they look.  After each treatment, we ensure that clients walk out of our studio feeling happy, relaxed, confident, and well-informed about what’s going on below the surface of their skin.

We also make a point to fully equip you with the tools they need to maintain the fresh and beautiful appearance of their skin at home.

We are so excited to embark on your skincare journey with you!