About Yumi™ Lashes

a practical revolution recognized in the beauty world

Being all the time on research for new trends in skin care, I would like to introduce you to YUMI™ LASHES Lash enhancement is a genuine REVOLUTION in the beauty world.

YUMI™ Lashes is an advanced technique designed to boost and lift the natural eyelash without the need for fake eyelashes.

YUMI™ Lashes was founded by Swiss Derma-PigmentOlogist and permanent makeup expert Sandra Viglino, as a luxurious alternative to eyelash extensions, fake eyelashes, false lashes and growth serums. Sandra has been committed to enhancing the natural beauty of eyelashes and has done just that with her YUMI™ Lashes treatment.

YUMI™ Lashes is a revolutionary brand for professionals, and is the ideal way to enhance the natural beauty of eyelashes in a painless, safe and non-invasive way, without lash extensions or fake eyelashes, which now appear to be declining in popularity whilst demand rises for a more natural look.”

This treatment is fundamentally different from all previously known procedures for the eyelashes.

YUMI™ Lashes are not your typical fake eyelashes, this is a keratin lash enhancement.

YUMI™ Lashes are not fake eyelashes!

With this procedure, your natural lashes are lifted up and filled with a special pigment infusion. As a result, you have thick, dark lashes that beautiful curve upwards. This creates the universally desired “open eye” look.

The boosting and lifting effect lasts for 8-12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of the eyelash. The treatment also involves the application of coenzymeQ10 gel pads to the under-eye area, which have anti-aging properties.

Lashes can be transformed to make a dramatic impact and enhance the eyes. There are no false lashes attached or any harmful adhesives used. This innovative treatment works by boosting and lifting each individual lash which will last for 8-12 weeks.

This NEW Lash treatment will lend a remarkable amount of length, thickness and uplift to your own eyelashes.

This is not perm eyelashes!

Yumi™ Lashes technology uses new innovations based on the improvement of the natural structure of each cilium.

  • YUMI™ Lashes results are breathtaking!
  • The effect lasts up to 3 months
  • NO lash extension
  • NO lash growth formula or mascara
  • NO lash curling perm

YUMI™ Lashes technology does not have any equivalent in the world!

The YUMI™ Lashes product is the very definition of elegance and high-end keratin lash treatments in the industry today. YUMI™ Lashes are a European brand of lash enhancement products made in Paris.

  • EU approved which exceeds the normal standards of the FDA
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Paraben Free
  • Formaldehyde-free